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I had no idea what was going beeg hindi on, but I quickly forgot all about it. Greenly raised up and kissed me hard. When we were done kissing, we rested our foreheads against each other. "I love you so much, Tanner. That was amazing." "I love you, beeg milf Greenly." "You are so amazing, Munch." "I wanna beeg mp4 hear that when your dick isn't in my ass." "I'll tell you that whenever you wanna hear it. Just say the word, Munch." beeg jepang "Just...tell me it's forever." "And a day, беег Munch." He planted another kiss on me, and we separated. beeg mom We pulled our clothes back on and hopped back in his truck. I beeg com. reached over and grabbed his hand. He pulled it to his mouth beeg-com and kissed it. "I mean it, Munch. And a day." * My alarm clock woke me up at the set time. However, instead of music, I got an urgent beeg.coom news beeg black report. "It appears that this new virus is not a strand of the flu. There have been reports of fatalities involved beeg coom in each one of these cases. There is no known vaccine or cure. It is advised that people stay in doors or wear protective masks. The victims have all been female. Proceed through the day with caution." The news freaked me out, but then I felt nauseous. I ran to the bathroom, and almost immediately started throwing up. It was weird. I didn't feel sick, I just needed to throw up. As I was vomiting, my dads came rushing into the beeg massage bathroom. "Tanner, are you okay?" My pop asked as he rubbed my back. "I don't know, Pop. beeg.c I just had to throw up." As beeg/ soon as I finished talking, I started throwing up again. beeg teen "Jonah, we need to take him to the hospital," beeq.com my Pop said. "I'm fine, Pop. I promise." "Rex, let's just let begg him be today," my Daddy said, "But Tanner, if you're sick tomorrow, doctor's office without a single protest. Understood?" "Yes sir, Daddy. I understand." "Good. Hurry up and get dressed, son. We don't want you to be late." "I'll be ready as soon as I can." "Alright, bud. Get downstairs soon. We'll have you some breakfast ready." "Thanks." They left beeg sexxn my beeg moms bathroom, and I hopped in beeg x the shower. I spent a sex beeg few minutes just letting the water cascade over my body. When I was soaping up, I couldn't help but feel like things were a little different. I spent a few minutes soaping my chest, and I realized that my nipples were extremely sensitive. So much so that my dick got hard. Painfully hard. I continued soaping my chest, and without warning, I came. It was intense. I had only came a few times before without touching my dick. Those times were all with Greenly planted deeply inside me. I continued to wash my beegxxx body, and teen beeg then hopped out of beeg sexxx the shower. I took a look in the mirror, and I beeg moms couldn't help but smile. My xxxbeeg dads had yet to tell me which one was my biological father, but I was leaning more towards my daddy. I had his ice blue eyes and wavy black hair. The only reason I didn't know for sure is because I also had the same little heart shaped mark behind my ear that my Pop had, and my lips were just as full as his were. When it came www.beeg com to height, that had to beeg xxx have come from my surrogate. Both of my dads were well into 6 foot, and there I was, 17 and a solid 5'6". That's why Greenly called beeg tube me Munch. He had about 5 indian beeg inches on me in the height department. Even www beeg.com though I was short, beeg come I didn't want people to think I was weak, so I developed myself nicely. I had never been into bulk, so I beeg x developed powerful, lean muscles. beeg mp4 After admiring myself, I went into my room and threw on some of Greenly's sweat pants, his baseball hoodie pullover, and my letter jacket. I threw on beeg poto a pair of Toms, and walked downstairs. "I swear, bud, don't you own anything that hasn't belonged to Greenly at some point?" My Pop beeg.com/ asked as I walked into the kitchen. "Rex, leave him alone. I remember someone crying in high school because they couldn't wear the letter jacket belonging to a young Jonah Kelly." I started laughing. "No beeg ass beeg 18 way! You cried?" beeg-com "That was a long time ago, Tanner." "Why couldn't he wear it, Daddy?" "Well, your Gramps was cool as hell when I was in high school and didn't care at all that I was gay," my Daddy said. "However, your Pawpaw was a preacher. There was not a chance in hell that he would have been okay with me being gay. Less chance that he would have been okay with me xnxx beeg wearing my boyfriends letter jacket." "So, that's why you cried?" "He beegcom cried because in one of his rare moments of rebellion against preacher man, he took my letter jacket from the backseat of my car and tried beegporn to wear it in https //beeg.com beeg sex his beegcom house. I wouldn't let him get out of the car. He said, and I quote, `Jonah, why won't you let me beeg black wear it? beeg anal Don't you love me?' To which I responded, `Yes I do, and I want you porno beeg to beeg 4k be alive to love tomorrow.'" "You thought Pawpaw would have killed him?" www.beeg "I know Pawpaw anal beeg would have killed him." "Jonah, my father accepted me when I came out in college. A year or two earlier wouldn't have hurt him." beag.com "No, baby, it would have hurt you, and this ass is just too much to waste over getting killed because a father can't handle his son being wwwbeeg gay. There was no way I was gonna let that ass go to waste." My Daddy grabbed my pop by the ass and pulled him in close. They started a hardcore make out session right there in the kitchen. "Guys! I'm still in here." My Daddy broke the kiss only to start sucking on my Pop's neck. My Pop looked at me. "Then make yourself scarce." tube beeg I'll admit I was beeg beeg extremely happy to know that my dads were still in love with each other, but the whole sex in the kitchen thing made me sick. They are my dads after all. beeg beeg I walked into the living room and wwwbeeg called Greenly. "Baby, where are you?" "I'm on my way there. Just turned on Sycamore." "Okay, well don't come in." "Why?" At that moment I heard a loud moan come from the kitchen. "Dads are totes fucking in the kitchen right now." "Dude, your dads have sex more than us." "What are you talking about? We had sex 3 times yesterday." "We did, didn't we? Well, how about another go in the beeg indian truck before school?" "Oh, we haven't had truck sex in like 3 weeks." "Yeah, and the last time we did, it was fucking amazing." beeg massage "I don't know, baby. It's real cold outside today." "It's barely October. It's free porn beeg not that cold." "I don't know. I guess www.beeg..com I'm just sensitive right now." "You feeling okay, Munch?" "I don't know. I just wanna see you. beeg mature Get indian beeg here fast, okay?" "Just pulled in the driveway. Come on out." "Coming." I hung up and grabbed my messenger bag. I was looking everywhere for my keys, and then I remembered I beeg sex left them in the kitchen the day before. I beeg porn groaned and then stood outside the kitchen. "Guys, can I come in and get my keys?" All of a sudden my keys beeg..com came flying through the doorway. beeeg "See you beeg jepang in class, son." My pop called out followed by another intense moan. I laughed and wanted beeh to puke all at the same time. * "Tanner, are you feeling okay? You look kinda sick, babe." "Gee, thanks Greenly." "Kelly, calm down. He's playing concerned boyfriend porno beeg right now. You do look like shit, though, bud." "Do I really?" "You beeg porn videos look amazing everyday, babe. Just a little green right now." "So what, am I beeeg fat now, too?" "What? Baby, you have a great body. I love those abs and pecs, and that ass of yours." "So you like everything about me but my face? beeg . Fuck off, Greenly." * anal beeg "What the beegxx fuck just happened?" Greenly asked Braxton after Tanner walked off. "Dude, I don't know. That was really weird." "I should go check on him." "Dude, this is best friend territory. I got this one." * I was walking down the hall mad as hell. I wanted to hit something. I was getting ready to turn the corner towards my dad's office when someone grabbed my shoulder. "What the fu...Brax. What's up man?" "Kelly, what the hell was all that about?" "I don't know, Brax. He just pisses me beeg movies off so bad." "Tanner," he called me by my first name so I knew I was in for a lecture, "all Greenly ever does is dote on you. The boy loves you more than anything in this world. Surely you understand that." I punched a locker. "Then why doesn't he think I'm attractive?" "He has literally never looked at another boy the way he looks at you, Tanner. I swear, you and football are the only things I ever hear him talk about. You're his black haired blue eyed beeg porn prince, dude. Nothing is ever going to change beeg porno that." I punched the locker again. "Why is it so hard?" "What Tanner? What's so beeg. com hard?" "Being me!" "What beeeg the hell are you talking about?" www beeg com I looked at Brax with tears in my eyes. "I don't .beeg know, man. I just don't know." That's when I threw beeg beeg up. I couldn't control it. I just instantly felt sick and threw up. Once I was done, beeg teen I beeg milf beeg vids leaned back against the lockers and slid down. Brax sat next to me and put his arm around me. He pressed his cheek against my forehead. "Kelly, you need milf beeg to go to the hospital. I think you're getting sick." "Can you go get Greenly? I need to apologize." "Sure thing, bud. I'm all over it." * Greenly walked up and I literally threw myself beeg poto on him. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to act like that. Please forgive me." "Munch, don't worry about beeg free it. I'm more concerned about beeg mom beegcom you right now. We need to get you to a doctor." "Okay, let's beeg .com go." Greenly walked me to my dad's office. As soon as we got in, I walked straight to his couch and plopped down. Greenly spoke for me. "Coach Kelly, Tanner needs to go to the hospital." "What's wrong?" "I think he might have that new virus." I don't think beeg xvideos I've ever seen my Dad move as fast as he did when Greenly said that. I also don't think I've ever seen him exhibit more strength. He picked me up and carried me. "Daddy, I'm fine." He www beeg com completely beeg gesetz ignored me and looked at Greenly. "Go tell Rex that I'm taking Tanner to the Emergency Room." "Yes sir." My dad walked to his beeg come car and placed me in the backseat. "Just hang tight baby boy. I'm gonna get beegs you taken care of." "I'm fine, Daddy." "Shh. Calm down. You aren't fine." "Seriously. I feel fine. begg I promise." "Calm down, son. Everything is going to be alright." "Can Greenly at beeg com least come with me?" "He's ridin with Pop." "Okay. Well, I'm gonna take a little nap." * Rex ran into the waiting room of the emergency room crying. As soon as he saw Jonah, he ran to him. "What's wrong with him? It's not the virus, is it?" "They don't indian beeg know yet, darlin'. Calm down. He's gonna be alright." "I can't lose my free porn beeg baby boy, Jonah. I won't survive it." "Rex, baby, calm beeg video down. We aren't losing anybody. We don't know what's wrong with him, but if it were the virus we would have all been quarantined by now." At that moment, a doctor came out and beeg indian asked for the parents of Tanner Kelly. "That's us. We're Tanner's parents." "He beeg sexxx said that a beeg sexxn Greenly Henderson would beegs be beeg come with you guys. Is he here?" "That's me." Greenly said. "Well, I need you to come with me." "Why?" "Tanner needs you in the room." "Oh, okay." "What's wrong with our son?" "Tanner has asked us not to tell you until we can explain all of this fully to both him and Greenly." ~*~ It's been a while since I had xxx beeg elementary history, but the virus is the one thing I remember beeg porno clearly because I was fascinated by it. In 2009, a militant group, similar but in no way related to the ancient group known as Nazis, developed a virus. The virus was meant to "purify" the beeg xx earth of the "impure" races. According to the documents of the group, no person was supposed to be left standing that didn't fit their standards. Their scientists were geniuses, but they made several errors. The elements of the virus that were designed to eliminate certain races mutated the moment the virus was released. It went from a search and destroy virus to having beeg..com two main functions. The chemical makeup of the virus changed, but it still had the search and destroy aspects. The scientists never predicted that it would mutate the way it did. It started as a flu like virus, but it was quickly discovered to be ultimately xxx beeg fatal. Nothing could cure it. In fact, nothing could even come close to make the free beeg infected more comfortable. After a few weeks, the virus became completely airborne, and those in danger of contracting it were able to find no safe haven. By the beeg movies year 2013, the virus had eradicated half of the population of beeg free the Earth. The human female was extinct. The males were not beeg porn affected by the virus in the same way as the women. Instead of killing the men, it instantaneously altered their genetic makeup upon contact. It enabled them to do things that were impossible to do beforehand. Their outward appearance and functions weren't changed. beeg Their insides were the only part affected. Organs that beforehand had no real function were now given one. The male human would never be the same. ~*~ Greenly walked into my room in the ER. He came over and kissed me on the forehead. "How are beeg 18 you feeling, Munch?" I gave him a weak smile. "Not too beegxxx great." "So, what's wrong with you?" "Um, well..." "What is it?" "Maybe we should beeg coom www beeg just wait for the doctor to come back in and explain it all." "It's not...cancer is it?" "No! beeg.coom I don't have cancer, babe." "So, it's the virus, isn't it?" I just looked at him. beeg xx I had a hard enough time getting a grip on what was wrong with me, so I knew the information beeg hd was gonna hit him just as hard. beeg "Kinda." He broke down. He literally hit the floor crying. I got off the bed and knelt by his side. He threw his arms around me and held me with intense strength. "I can't live without you, Tanner. I can't. You can't be sick, baby. Please tell me you mom beeg aren't sick." "Greenly, it's not that simple. anal beeg Just wait for the doctor to come in. He'll be able to explain it better than I can." "Okay." Greenly was definitely shell shocked, but beeg teen he beegxx climbed on the bed with me. He rested his head on my shoulder, and I put my arm around him. I honestly have no idea how I was able to comfort him because the news freaked me out to no end. We probably had to wait for the doctor to come in for about an hour. When he did, Greenly perked up immediately. "Doc, what's beeg xnxx wrong with Tanner?" "Are you Greenly Henderson?" "Yes sir." "Alright, well I have a few questions for you." "Okay." "How long have you been sexually active with beeg 4k Tanner Kelly?" "Uhh...a little over two years." "And have you progressed to anal porn beeg sexual intercourse with him?" Greenly was blushing a deep crimson color. "Ye..yeah." "And while partaking in these beeg tube actions, beeg anal do you use a condom?" "Uh...no." "Okay, do you penetrate Tanner, or does he penetrate you?" "Well, we usually bee both beeg tubes like to do each other, but lately I have been site beeg.com beeg fuc...penetrating him." The doctor turned his attention to me. "And Greenly is the beeg lesbian only man you have been sexually active with?" "Yes sir he is. I already told the other doctor that." The doctor smiled. "Allow me to be frank for a minute. I would have never beeg.con been able to be open with my sexuality like you two are when I was your age. beeg com. I was a football player, and my https //beeg.com dad was the xxx beeg mayor of our town. Gay was just not accepted then." "Doc, we're football players. We know how hard it is to be gay. We just love each other," Greenly said. I grabbed his hand. "Well, Tanner doesn't need to be playing football anymore. Not for the rest of the season." "What?! Why?" "Greenly, bee babe, let him talk." "Okay. Well, why can't he play football?" * "Greenly, what on Earth is wrong with you?" My Pop asked as he beeg lesbian walked in the room. Greenly was sitting free beeg on my hospital bed with his knees pulled to his chest staring blankly ahead. "Pop, he's borderline catatonic right now. He didn't take my diagnoses too well." My .beeg Daddy rushed to my side immediately. "What's your diagnoses?" "Wait for the doctor to get back in." "Okay." He must have heard a sniffle because he rushed to my Pop's side. "Rex, I'm sure it's nothing bad. After all, look at how calm our little Tanner is." "Jonah, it could be shock." "You know, I love you but you drive me insane sometimes. Always beeg sex video talking teen beeg about beeg porche the what ifs." free porn beeg "Guys, I'm still in the room, ya know?" "We know Tanner." At that moment, beeg video the doctor walked in the room. "Are you two Tanner's parents?" "Yes we are." My Daddy said. "What's wrong with our son?" "Well, I can't say this is normal because it isn't. In b eeg fact, this is the first beegporn recorded instance of this anywhere in the world." beeg.con beeg coom "Oh God! What's wrong with our baby?" My Pop sobbed into my Daddy's shoulder. "Well, I beeg .com guess a round of congratulations are in order. Tanner is pregnant." My Daddy laughed out beeg gesetz loud. "Thanks beeg poto for trying to ease the tension, doctor. Now seriously, what's wrong beeg .com with Tanner?" "I am being serious. Tanner is pregnant." "Men can't get pregnant. There is no egg to fertilize; no uterus to house the child." "His appendix has taken on that role. As far as eggs, it appears his left testicle has taken on a second role. When Greenly's sperm was released into Tanner's body beeg black anally, Tanner's left testicle released a series of solidified sperm that upon further examination can be classified as an egg. The paths of the beeh beeg. new egg and Greenly's sperm has caused a fertile combination that has attached itself to the wall of his appendix. Tanner is the worlds first pregnant man." ~*~ The virus was named Eden--scientists attempt at humor because a woman was responsible for exile from the Garden of Eden and now they no longer exist. While the beeg.com Eden virus killed women, it transformed men. The appendix became a beeg porn videos make shift uterus, and the left testicle is beeg.c where beeg sex the new "eggs" were kept. The children born were always exclusively male, but their chromosome structure was different. The XY chromosome was never produced again. All new boys beeg.com born were exclusively YY. ============================================================================ Should I continue or beeg.com/ no? I would love to hear what you think. Love, ZK Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:04:25 +0800 From: DaFunk Subject: Eden Part 1 This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual acts between men. If the subject of man/man sex www.beeg.com offends you, if this material is illegal in your place of residence, or if you are under beeg porn videos the legal age for such material, do not read further! You have been warned! Read at your own risk! This story was mainly about three individual involved in a twisted homicide, so the sex will be slow beeg sex video in coming. If you are looking for a quick jerk beeg.c off, please proceed elsewhere. I am sure there were plenty of stories in the Nifty that will cater to your needs. This story is totally fiction. Any resemblance to any individual, alive or dead, is merely coincidental. Eden, Part 1 XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Prolog The victim was a www beeg.com male aged between 25 to 30 years old. Cause of death was multiple blunt trauma injuries to the head. The white remain of the skeleton was beeg hairy found near a jungle trail which had been abandoned for years. The thick undergrowth acted as natural hiding place for the body until a year later when a couple of high schools students tumbled upon this trail during their campout. He had been buried for beeg hot over a year. The bones would be the beginning of a series of cruel and ruthless episode that ensued...... XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX It was a lovely morning. I had been up for nearly beeg xvideos an hour now. Standing by the window, I tube beeg could see early birds walking along the road, some were in small group making small talk to each other and some were alone. An elderly couple with their beeg videos dog www beeg slowly walked in the opposite direction of a bunch of students. beeg hairy In fact there was a very cute guy among the students which really caught my attention. I smiled contentedly and slowly turned around. I could beeg mp4 smell the aroma of coffee brewing wafting from beeg/ the kitchen. Apparently, www.beeg..com my housemate, Joey had been up already. A cup of coffee in the morning was always something beeg lesbian I looked forward to. My attention slowly veered to a prone figure lying in a beeg mature heap of bed sheet and pillows. Last night was really beeg hd wild. Sean and me made passionate love till the wee hours of the morning. We went to a frat party last night and by the time we hit home, Sean was a bit tipsy and he was the horniest in this condition. We made beeg. so much noise that Joey had to bang beeg x on our door and demanded beeg hot us to turn down the 'volume'. I crawled back into the beeg sexxx bed beeg hd and savored the naked body of my lover. Sean was on his back and the cover was pushed to just above his crotch, revealing his strong defined pecs and flat stomach. I trailed my finger along the smooth curvature of his chest. I stopped at his left nipple and teased it a bit. He moaned a little in his sleep. Sean's morning piss hardon was tenting the cover and it looked so tempting that I just had to cope a feel. I slightly stroked his beeg xxx rod through the cover and looked closely at his handsome face. beeg. com He moaned louder this time and his eyes fluttered open. "Morning, sweety," he croaked. "Morning," I said with a smile and leaned down to kiss his soft lips. The kiss lingered for a while too long. "What time is it now?" He asked when we finally parted. "It's almost nine. You'd better get up now or you'll be late for your nine thirty math class," I said with mock sternness. "Awwww, do I have to? I think I am gonna skip that class. What about we have another round this morning hd beeg and wwwbeeg me beeg mom go back to sleep after that?" "No, you beeg hairy have skipped three classes this week. beeg..com You are not gonna skip this beag.com one. I'll call Lisa here to drag your lazy ass to the class." Lisa was one of my closest friends. In fact, we practically grew up together and went to the same high school. We dated for a while beeg.com during high school. During that time, there was this untold rule that a jock should at least has a girl by his side. Eventually, we felt that we were better beeg hindi off being friends than couple. We had a peaceful breakup. It was after the high school prom in my junior year that I came out to her. I was supposed to bring her home after the prom. As I turned into her road, she asked me to stop by the roadside. She said she wanted to talk to me about something that's bothering her for a while. www.beeg.com She didn't beat around the bush and came right to the point. "Are you gay?" she asked. Her eyes looked directly into mine. I was shocked but at the same time, I beeg xnxx was beeg 18 scared. I was scared because it was true and I was scared because she knew. I stammered and I just broke into a heaving sob. Surprisingly, she pulled me into a hug and comforted me. She beeg/ let me cried until gradually the water work subsided. "Are you mad?" I asked between sniffles. "No, I am not mad. I kinda guess it. And you have just confirmed my suspicion," she said matter-of-factly. "How? I thought I hide it pretty good. We kiss and we make out and I even tried to grope you." By this time I have calmed down enough to gather my speech. "Still remember the time beeg xx we tried to have sex but ended up me beating you off. And there were times when I saw you looking at beeg xxx other beeq.com guys. Your eyes had betrayed you, you know. And three site beeg.com beeg days ago, I tube beeg went to your house site beeg.com beeg and before I entered your room I accidentally overheard you moaning Chris's name. Obviously you were beating off. Am I right?" she said with a beeg porche mischievous grin. I blushed heavily. I didn't remember she .beeg coming to my house three days ago. It sure was embarrassing when all this came out from a girl. "So, are beeg sexxn we still friend?" I asked timidly fearing the worst. "Sure, we are. And now we are practically sisters. Maybe we can compare notes on which guys are hotter in the campus," www.beeg com she giggled. "Thank you. You are the greatest," I hugged her and tears were threatened to fall again. "Hey, don't mention it. We are friends and always will be. Don't think any less of xnxx beeg yourself beeg com and you will always have my fullest support," she said softly. After that, our friendship grew stronger each day. We went to the same college and renting the same apartment together. She told me that her friends were jealous of her for living with so many cute guys. If beeg moms they only beeg vids knew. She lived in the room next to us. She was the only girl in an all male Environment b eeg and www.beeg I thought some estrogen would neutral the surge of testosterone in our apartment. beeg ass She had a bit of a crush on Sean but she knew беег that she would never had him. So she never pursued. She was a beautiful girl but she could be hd beeg very mean sometime if you ever had the guts to cross her. Sean had www.beeg promised her that he wouldn't skip another class this week and she also said that beeg.con if he tried to be funny with her, she would snap his prick off. "Alright, alright. I'll get up. Just don't call her," Sean groaned. Then instead of getting up he leered at me and slowly caressed his body. xxxbeeg "Are beeg tubes you sure you don't want this?" "Yeah right, don't get any idea. Now get up and throw yourself into the bathroom," I said it with a laugh. "Who could resist this body? Come on, admit it that you want it." He still lay on the bed. I didn't response and just walked toward him. Without any warning, I pinched his left ear beeg. and pulled him up by the ear. "Ouch, stop it! You are gonna pull it off. I'll go! Just let off my ear!" he wailed. I let go of his ear and he quickly put both hands on his left ear. He rubbed gently while making his beeg . way to the b